Husky kennel

Nursery “Prorider” - This is a small family kennel of sled dogs, where 18 dogs of the Siberian Husky breed and 18 "Alaskas" (sledding mestizos) live. Dogs are real athletes and at the same time they surprise with friendliness and openness. They train a lot and prepare for long distance races. In winter, dog sledding tours take place. Prepared winter trails have a route from 2.5 to 30 km. During the tours, guests can be a passenger in a sled or independently (after a detailed briefing) manage a sled and a team of dogs.

Year-round offers:

  • Guest visit to the nursery: individual and for groups. We will take dogs from the enclosures to a large, fenced walking area, we will get to know each other, take pictures and chat. Let's talk about northern sled dogs, about the features of the breed, about sledding. Duration - 1 hour
  • Trekking (10 km hike) with dogs. Suitable for groups from 2 to 10 people. The route is a relief road with a changing landscape through the hills of our valley. This will be an extraordinary experience of mutual understanding and teamwork of a dog and a person (special ammunition - a belt, pulls and harness on a dog - are necessary for a comfortable and correct distribution of the load on the lower back and muscles). Duration - 4 hours. Upon arrival, you will meet the dogs, choose a partner, ammunition, briefing, 2 hours of walking. Upon returning, communication/photography with dogs, relaxation and tea drinking with a traditional pie.

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