• Mountain bike

    How to make your rest not just interesting, but also useful? There is an idea - biking. It is not only sport but also fresh air and new positive emotions!

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  • Horseback Riding

    Horseback riding is one of the most interesting and unforgettable types of timespending. Contemplating beautiful landscapes, fresh air, moderate physical activity in a company with the noblest animals will be a great pastime for you and your children.

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  • Fishing

    The unforgettable landscapes of the lake Ladoga will provide a good mood during fishing, and the fishing enthusiasts will not stay indifferent to the fishery resources of the lake.

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  • Tubing

    The inflatable sleigh gives you a lot of positive emotions, a fun pastime with kids and friends.

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  • Cross-country skiing

    You will not only have a lot of pleasant impressions, but you will also have a healthy time.

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  • Boats

    Walking through a lake on boats and motorboat is a way to take advantage of the beautiful romantic privacy of the two, away from noise and civilization, to rest with friends or children by spending time in pleasant conversations or swimmin. As well as fishing.

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  • Snowmobile

    Speed, manoeuvrability, high obstruction are the advantages of snow scooters, which give you the opportunity to gain unforgettable sensations by taking snowy paths, bumps and snow-diving.

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  • Sauna

    We are happy to offer you the feeling of the beauty of the Finnish sauna, combined with the best of modern times.

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  • gorod-i-okrestnosti-sortavala

    Sortavala is a small town, now there are only about 18,000 inhabitants. But he has enough sights and monuments, as well as interesting stories. Let's start with the fact that Sortavala is located on the shores of Lake Ladoga near the beautiful Läppäjärvi Bay and is considered the oldest city in the Republic of Karelia. This status was granted to Sortavala by the Swedish king Gustav Adolf II back in 1646. But first things first.

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  • ostrov-koyonsaari-i-gora-filina

    44 kilometers from the Sorala Village Park Hotel is the small Koyonsaari Island - one of the most picturesque places in the Western Skerries of Lake Ladoga.

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  • Excursion to the mountain park «Ruskeala»

    Just 80 kilometers from our park-hotel Sorola Village there is one of the most famous sights of Karelia - the Ruskeala mountain park.

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  • Skala Restaurant

    Restaurant "Skala" on the territory of the park-hotel "Sorola Village" in Karelia. Great place to eat delicious food near Lahdenpohja town. Author's cuisine.

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  • Corporate trips in Karelia

    Active rest, fresh air, delicious farm products - this is how an ideal team building with an intimate atmosphere or a full-fledged corporate vacation in Karelia looks like. Friendly conversations around the fire, acquaintance with the fabulous Karelian nature, interesting excursions, excellent service will make the trip atmospheric and exciting.

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  • Husky kennel

    Nursery “Prorider” - This is a small family kennel of sled dogs, where 18 dogs of the Siberian Husky breed and 18 "Alaskas" (sledding mestizos) live. Dogs are real athletes and at the same time they surprise with friendliness and openness.

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  • ekskursii

    Excursions are conducted by a guide who loves her land with all her heart. She will tell not only about the history of Karelia, but also facts from life, ways, beliefs of Karelians and much more.

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  • Campfire

    Fire and water — indispensable attributes of outdoor recreation. Modern options for gatherings around the fire have become environmentally friendly, do not leave traces of a person and do not cause damage to the environment.

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