• Darya Kondakova

    Thank you, Sorola Village! Now we have very good memories about you. Adults had the possibility to rest peacefully, without noise with comfort. Children found activities to release their energy: interesting fishing, riding on the quad bike, beautiful boat trips. We would like to thank all the staff of the park-hotel. We wish you prosperity and good luck!

  • Andrey and Renata

    The best place for 2 is the cottage 2+1. Beautiful nature, fresh air, comfort, boat trips, horse riding, privacy. We recommend this place to everyone who wants to enjoy the time with their half.

  • Daniil Morgenshtern

    Nice cottage, wonderful nature, welcoming staff, we got the late check-out complimentary

  • Kirill

    Fresh air, beautiful scenery, welcoming staff. The cottage 2+1 is ideal for romantic weekend among Karelian nature. There is everything in the cottage for comfort living. Thats why we will definitely come back.

  • Elena K.

    The cottage, where we lived, is very cozy. The sauna is located inside the house, every morning we started with the cup of coffee on the terrace (thank you for the coffee machine and coffee beans), in the evenings we were sitting in front of the fireplace, Jacuzzi on the terrace is super.

  • Kirill

    The fascinating #sorolavillage is beautiful as usual. We visited it during the Autumn, now we decided to visit it during the Winter season. Thank you for this miracle. See you in Summer.

  • Romario

    Hello to everyone! The stay in Sorola Village was superb! We relaxed our bodies and souls=) Hospitality and welcoming of these places, people and nature is the most important in country-house rest! We wish good luck and improvements! We will come back=)

  • Andrey Kondrashov

    Спасибо за прекрасный отдых. Все очень понравилось – идеальная чистота, в доме все есть и все работает, панорамные окна супер. Николай Иванович все показал, пояснил и всегда был оперативен и вежлив. Советуем друзьям и знакомым.

  • Maria

    Отдыхали с 21 по 23 декабря. Хотим вырозить благодарность всем кто создал этот прекрасный уголок для отдыха. Огромное спасибо Николаю Ивановичу, доброжелательный, отзывчивый. Путь наш был долгий до места отдыха, так как ехали мы из Московской области, но это того стоило. Целый день проведенный на улице, надышались воздухом, накатались на ватрушках и дети и взрослые, погуляли по замершему озеру. Для отдыха предусмотренно все без исключений. Если бы позволяло время, мы бы осталисть еще. Спасибо Вам огромное!!!

  • Maria

    It is a truly fantastic place for good rest!!! We stayed in Sorola Village in the begining of december, we were celebrating the birthday of Grandfather!) We booked 2 cottages: 4+2 and 6+2. We enjoyed both of the cottages, the design and the planning of the cottages are interesting, it is seen that the designer was involved in this project. We loved the panoramic living room in the cottage 4+2 and the terrace with fireplace in the cottage 6+2. We were not at all unco,fortable comsidering the fact that Sorola Village is still in the process of construction. We enjoyed walking on the territory and found the place where we could sledding.Big thanks to Nikolay Ivanovich, he is really doing his job professionally and wirh quality. Big thanks to Anna, very pleasant girl in communication. We will come back again!

  • Andrey Abramov

    We stayed in Sorola Village in December 2018. The cottages are superb. The only disadvantage - is the site improvement. It would be perfect to have the possibility to walk around and to do sledding. In total the rest was perfect.

  • Denis

    Thank you very much! We enjoyed our stay in Sorola Village, definitly we will coma back again! =)

  • Svetlana

    The hotel is just fascinating. You have a feeling that noone was living here before. Everything looks new. The perfect choice for couple and for the group of people. We are very satisfied. The interior look expensive, you can notice that that the owner was not cheap. Here you will find everyhting for good rest. The big advantage is that the sauna is situated just inside the cottage. Nickolay Ivanovich is very friendly and always ready to help. If you wish to go to Karelia, you should definitely stay in Sorola Village!

  • Nesterenko Family

    We would like to thank you for the fantastic rest! The Hotel is nice, the cottage is super! Very clean, comfortable, stylish and beautiful! Definitely we will come back in winter and summer. Thank you!

  • Anastasia Daylidenok

    Good afternoon! To say that we stayed satisfied with our trip is to say nothing. We loved the cottage 2+1, is so cozy and it has everything/ The terrace is fantastic. We had there breakfast, enjoying the view over the lake and had dinner, enjoying the mountain! It is very clean and accurate! In the cottage is warm! Tha sauna is very nice! It is very clean, it has lightining, plate of rose salt, the heat can be kept for a long time.And ofcourse we would like to thank Nikolay Ivanovich, he was always friendly and helpful and always stayed in contact. We will definitely coma back!

  • Svetlana

    We would like to thank you for our great weekend! We won the trip to Sorola Village and we are extremely happy about it. We couldn't even imagine how great is there. We had an unforgettable family trip with comfort and without any worries, starting from the interior and finishing with different small things. You make people a little bit happier, we will definitely recommend this hotel to our friends and will come back for sure!

  • Anthony Mihhailenko

    Thank you very much! we loved it and would love to stay again!

  • Elena

    We stayed in Sorola Village from 06 until 09 of September in the biggest cottage. It was fantastic. It exceeded out expectations. The cottage is big, there are 3 bedrooms, 3 toilets, sauna, big barbeque place, 2 terraces. In the kitchen you can find all necessary equipment, including coffee-machine and dish-washer. The most favourite place of our family was the closed terrace with fireplace. The chairs were with cozy blankets. We want to thank Nikolay Ivanovich, because of him everything is in such good condition. He was very helpful and was always ready to solve any problem. We would suggest to put a playground and a small market on the territory. The only disadvantage is the road to the park - hotel.

  • Michal

    Me and my wife stayed in Sorola Village from 05 until 10 of September 2018 in the cottage 2+1. We enjoyed it a lot, everything is done with soul, my advice for everyone is to forget about foreign trips and come to Karelia, here you will understand what means good rest. We were pleased to see that the hotel is developing, the construction works were held, but we were not disturbed by it at all.

  • Kirill

    Cool. Fantastic. Superb.