There are forests, lakes, rocks around me, which all can not be seen at first sight!
I want this earth to be known, I want this earth to be understood.
Mila Makarenko

About us

Park Hotel Sorola Village offers its guests a European level of comfort in a corner far from civilization. It is surrounded by the bottomless Lake of Ladoga, the formidable Snake Mountain, the shrill sky and the purest air.

Karelia is one of the most beautiful reserves not only of our country, but of the whole world. We suggest you to find here solitude from the noisy metropolis and inexhaustible source of energy, which gives us the nature of Karelia.

At the disposal of the guests of the park-hotel are four cozy cottages with panoramic terraces with magnificent view of the Ladoga Lake. Each cottage is equipped with a sauna, a kitchen with a dining area, most houses have a fireplace for a pleasant evening pastime.

We used only environmentally friendly materials - wood and natural stone, as well as modern "comfort technologies" - systems of supply ventilation, floor heating, "smart lighting".

We have invested our soul and energy to share with you this amazing place.

Welcome to the Park Hotel Sorola Village! In our place for the soul!

We hasten to share the news: we received an award from - Guest Review Award! We are very glad that the guests see and notice our work, share their impressions of the time spent in Sorola Village. It inspires us, believe me!
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