Winter fairytale

Dear friends!
Finally is coming our favourite, snowy and beautiful season.
Karelian winter is a marvellous season, when the snow is soft, the frost bites the cheeks, everywhere is silence, fir trees are dressed in white, and it is something fascinating.
It is a fun timing to do sledding, ride a snowbike or friendly dogs Haaski with your friends and love ones. And the evenings are becoming cozy with hot chocolate next to the fireplace in one of out cottages while outside the snow is falling.

Here are some advices for you to plan a trip to this North side:

1.It is essential to take warm clothes and waterproof shoes.
2. Don't forget to take care of your face as well with special creames and lip balms.
3. If you decided to travel by car, it is essential to have studded tires.

Karelian nature is fabulous during the winter season.

Here is the list of must-do things while being in Karelia:
1. Riding Haaski.
The tours with Haaski are very popular nowadays and came just recently. Fluffy and friendly dogs will ride you through winter forest and then with great pleasure will pose for you on camera.

2. Marble Quarry Ruskeala.
One of the most popular touristic places in Karelia. During the winter this place is becoming even more interesting. Water is getting frozen and you can skate here, and artists are creating beautiful sculptures using only ice. In the evenings the quarry is highlighted and it looks just stunning.

3. Winter fishing.
This is a real men activity, because fishing in winter - is not only fun, but also the test of endurance.
Considering non-official statistics, there are more wnter fishing lovers than summer.

4. Sledding in Sorola Park Hotel.
Skiing from the mountain is one of the best winter entertainments of all the times for both children and adults. Tubing or riding on cheesecakes does not require special skills and training like skiing and snowboarding. And that's why everybody likes them without any exception!
The advantage of cheesecakes in front of ordinary sleds is that they softly extinguish all the irregularities of the track due to their constructive features, and brings you only feelings of joy and laughter.

Welcome to Sorola Park Hotel!
We guarantee you soulful rest in the european comfort!