Harvest in our park-hotel

Dear guests!

We would like to share with you our happy news!
Last year we plant Siberian cedars on the territory of the park-hotel. In this year our magical cedars gave us first harvest - bumps.

Everyone around is complaining about harvest failure this summer, but in Sorola Village the truly magical natural things are happening!

Did you know, that Siberian cedar is an amazing tree, which has a lot of good qualities. It is decorative and curative, winter-hardy and longevity.

The main wealth of Siberian cedar is its nuts. They contain 61% fat, 20% protein, 12% carbohydrates. These nuts are super tasty, nutritive and healthy, as they contain such vitamins like A (vitamin growth), B (for nervous system), which make our heart works better and in general are essential for our nervous system. Especially they contain a lot of vitamin E (for good procreation). That's why during the years of good harvest of ciders the quantity of squirrels and sables are growing as well. The doctors claim that the ciders bumps contain substances, that help to make the blood better, prevent tuberculosis and anemia.

The cider resin can be used to heal purulent wound, cut and burn. During the times of Great Patriotic War the resin was successfully used in the hospitals to cure shot soldiers.It prevents the wound from infection and stops the gangrene process.

Cider needles also have its value. It contains vitamins C and carotene, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, copper and cobalt.

Did you know that mol will never appear in the closets made from cider wood. It is incredible!
This wood is used to produce around 10 thousand different products, like furniture, musical instruments and etc.

Every season of the year the cider will be green. And the air next to it is practically clean. It is incredible, but it is a fact.

Welcome to Sorola Village park-hotel!