Zoo greenpark Karelia

We invite you to visit the only zoo in Karelia where you can meet the great diversity of the fauna of Russia and other countries.

You will see a large collection of various hoofing animals: noble and spotted Deer, guanacos, lama, alpaca, Shetlenskie ponies, home Yaki, moufflons, marals, deer, Lani, and many other interesting species, including the rare ones listed in the Red Book. You'll also be familiar with black African ostriches and many species of birds.

Getting to know the inhabitants of the park will leave unforgettable pleasant emotions and memories to you and your children!

Also, a contact children's zoo was organized for the children of Zoogrinparka, where they collected not dangerous animals! There are no cages! All animals can be touched, fed and photographed for the memories.

In the children's zoo, there are dwarf lambs, calves, Cameroonian goat, rabbits, shetlenskie ponies, and other animals!

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