Snake Mountain

The most beautiful mountain is located in only 400 meters from the Park Hotel.

So far, everyone call this mountain snake mountain, but not everyone knows that the historic name of the mountain is Annanriuta (Anna's Mountain Reef). The legend of this mountain says about Karelian girl Anna, who jumped from a cliff during the Russian-Swedish War to avoid being taken by enemies. The mountain Reef, which means rushing to the sea, is a memory of the times when the waves of Ladoga, whose level was higher than the current one, fought the rocky shore.

The geologists that examined the snake mountain called it the open-air museum. In the near future, the rock intends to assign the status of a natural monument of Karelia.

Since 2014, this place is helding adventure festivals - the Russian championships in mountain tourism, the training base of the North West Russia.

The Grass Park was founded by the initiative of Petrozavodsk climber Mikhail Pochezerskogo, together with the enthusiasts of St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk and Cherepovets with the sponsorship of Red Fox company.

If you are not kenn on this type of sport, then you can just climb to the top of the cliff using a path and admire the spectacular panorama of the vicinity from a height of 50 meters.

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