Valaam Island

The Valaam island is the largest rocky island on the Ladoga Lake.

The archipelago is famous for its architectural ensemble Spaso-Pereobrazhenskiy Orthodox men's monastery, which has been on the island since the 14th century. It's one of the oldest men's monasteries in Russia.

What can you see on the island during a tour:

  • the central manor of the monastery, which hosts the Spaso-Preobrazhensky cathedral with the sharpest bell tower (the height of the cathedral, together with the bell tower, reaches 70 m), the cathedral is framed by two series of fraternal cells corps,
  • other notable monuments on the main estate territory-economic structures of various kinds (shop, water and work houses),
  • in various remote parts of the Valaam archipelago there are skeets-churches and monastic cells built for private prayer,
  • historical landmark of Valaam is Igumenskoe Cemetery,used to bury priors of the monastery from XVIII to middle of XIX.

The rules for visiting the monastery (during the tour):

  • Women should cover the head and wear skirts, men - trousers.
  • Open and sport clothes are forbidden.
  • During the worship is forbidden to visit the monastery with the tour.
  • A guided tour to the Valaam island will make it possible to touch upon the eternal values of Genesis.
  • How to reach the island: during the navigation period (May - September) you can use meteor (fast ship) to reach Valaam (42 km on the Lake Ladoga). During the winter season you can use the ship on an oxigen "pillow".
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