The Owl Mountain

The Owl Mountain Military Complex is located in 10 kilometres from the Park Hotel in the vicinity of the forest and is a powerful granite rock with two entrances into the cliff. From 1943 to 1944 the Natural grotto was adapted to the command post of the Finnish Army. Its area inside the cliff is 750 square meters, with a ceiling of 4 meters height. Inside the command post there is all the communication provided. As an engineering facility the command post is unique, as in the construction were used unusual technologies and materials. Nowadays the museum's military Historical exposition is being collected and placed with sections: The Winter War of 1939-1940 years, the Great Patriotic War in Karelia 1941-1944 years. Reconstruction of war, quests and other thematic activities are being carried on the territory of this object.

Also what is interesting is the geology of the Lahdenpohskiy District and the Owl Mountain Complex. The city is located within the Svekofenskiy province of the Baltic shield. The species that surfaced in the area of the town of Lahdenpohja formed almost two billion years ago as a result of precipitation, on the bottom of the ancient ocean and volcanic eruptions. The Owl Mountain provides minerals like biotite, quartz, grenades, muscovite, kyanite, andalusite, sortavalit. The last mineral attracts attention as a mineral, found only in South-Western Karelia and nowhere else in the world! The museum has opened a section on the geology of Karelia.

Geological features and scenic views, which are opened from inspection sites and footpaths, turn the "Mount of the Owl" into an attractive object for panoramic and landscape photography.

Free parking is available on the premises. Excursions are conducted daily. You're invited to visit this unusual place!

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