Sortavala city

Sortavala city is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities of the Republic of Karelia. Sortavala differs from other cities in Karelia by the distinctive historical and cultural character of three states: Sweden, Finland and Russia. The city was born at the time of Swedish rule, and its revival and economic order was linked to the period of entry into the Russian Empire, and it has reached its bloom as one of the county cities of Finland.

There are many attractions in the Sortavala town itself. About 90 buildings in the city have historical and cultural value. There are a variety of architectural styles of 19-20 centuries: Western European Modernism, classicism, metal, national romanticism, Psevdogotika and folk wooden architectures.

Also in Sortavala there is the unique museum of the famous cutter, the folk painter of the Russian Federation-Kronid Gogolev.

The city is located 50 km from the Park Hotel and 55 min drive.

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