Cottage2+2 №3

from 7 500 rubles/day

Brand new cottage 2+2, with a total area of 50 sq. m. is designed for 2 people with the ability to accommodate 2 more people on the sofa in the kitchen-dining room. Extra place is paid separately (1500 rubles per day per person).

In a separate bedroom there are 2 single beds, if you wish, you can arrange one large bed. For guests of the Park hotel in the cottage has all the necessary accessories, namely:

  • hairdryer
  • towel set
  • cosmetic products of world famous brands
  • disposable slippers
  • bed linen.

The kitchen is equipped with all necessary appliances:

  • cooking panel
  • microwave oven
  • kettle
  • dishwasher
  • coffee-machine
  • dishes for 4 persons

The cottage has a Finnish electric sauna, equipped with a set of sheets and hats, which is included in the rental price of the cottage.

The cottage features Underfloor heating and double lighting, air conditioning and free Wi-Fi.

It will be possible to spend time on the glazed warm terrace where the view of lake Ladoga opens.

The cottage has its own barbecue area with barbecue (grill for meat/fish, skewers included).

  • Area 50 Sq.m.
  • 2 people + 2 extra beds
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free private parking for 1 cars
  • 1 double bedroom
  • Fridge
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave
  • The cooking panel
  • Thermopot
  • Coffee machine
  • Coffee beans
  • Cooking vessels
  • Dishes for 4 people
  • Eurosofa
  • LCD TV
  • Terrace
  • Furniture on the Terrace
  • Shower
  • Bedding Accessories
  • Towels
  • Slippers
  • Dryer
  • Sound insulation
  • Barbeque place
  • Skewers for 4 people and a lattice for meat
  • View of Lake Ladoga
  • Finnish sauna
  • The farm products

    Have you ever tried real farm products?
    Maybe in your childhood in the farm? Do you remember a bit yellow, sweet fresh milk, which smells grass...and fresh eggs?...Oh!
    Natural ecologically clean products - first of all are super tasty and of course good for our health.

    The farm products Look
  • Sauna

    We are happy to offer you the feeling of the beauty of the Finnish sauna, combined with the best of modern times.

    Sauna Look
  • Snowmobile

    Speed, manoeuvrability, high obstruction are the advantages of snow scooters, which give you the opportunity to gain unforgettable sensations by taking snowy paths, bumps and snow-diving.

    Snowmobile Look
  • Quad bike

    Best option for travelers and real conquerors of forest trails, plains and off-roads

    Quad bike Look
  • Boats

    Walking through a lake on boats and motorboat is a way to take advantage of the beautiful romantic privacy of the two, away from noise and civilization, to rest with friends or children by spending time in pleasant conversations or swimmin. As well as fishing.

    Boats Look
  • Cross-country skiing

    You will not only have a lot of pleasant impressions, but you will also have a healthy time.

    Cross-country skiing Look
  • Tubing

    The inflatable sleigh gives you a lot of positive emotions, a fun pastime with kids and friends.

    Tubing Look
  • Climbing

    It's a hobby, a life, a sport. It's a move forward, an activity that makes people happier.
    The benefit of climbing is enormous! It's never too late to do sports!

    Climbing Look
  • Fishing

    The unforgettable landscapes of the lake Ladoga will provide a good mood during fishing, and the fishing enthusiasts will not stay indifferent to the fishery resources of the lake.

    Fishing Look
  • Horseback Riding

    Horseback riding is one of the most interesting and unforgettable types of timespending. Contemplating beautiful landscapes, fresh air, moderate physical activity in a company with the noblest animals will be a great pastime for you and your children.

    Horseback Riding Look
  • Scandinavian Sticks

    The Scandinavian walking is the best training for every person. After the walk, you feel amazingly cheerful, with a lot of energy and good spirit.

    Scandinavian Sticks Look
  • Mountain bike

    How to make your rest not just interesting, but also useful? There is an idea - biking. It is not only sport but also fresh air and new positive emotions!

    Mountain bike Look
  • Lumivaara Village

    The small village of Lumivaara is located in the Lahdenpoh district of the Republic of Karelia. The name of the village comes from a mixture of two Finnish words: snow (Lumi) and hill (vaara), so it can be translated into Russian as “Snow Mountain”.

    Lumivaara Village Look
  • Lake Paikyarvi in Karelia

    Lake Paikyarvi is located in the Lahdenpoh region of Karelia, 20 kilometers north of the district center - the popular tourist city of Lahdenpohja.

    Lake Paikyarvi in Karelia Look
  • Putsaari Island: Sergievsky Skete and other sights

    Putsaari is one of the largest islands on Ladoga, its total area is about 17 square meters. kilometers It is located near the coast, in the northwestern part of the lake and from the “big land” Putsaari separates the strait less than a kilometer wide.

    Putsaari Island: Sergievsky Skete and other sights Look
  • Marble Quarry Ruskeala

    In the vicinity of the Park Hotel Sorola Village is located the Ruskeala Mountain Park, which has no analogue. It miraculously combines natural and man-made landscapes.

    Marble Quarry Ruskeala Look
  • Zoo greenpark Karelia

    The preservation of the animal and plant world is the preservation of the human soul, the "cure" from indifference and cruelty, the ability to penetrate and be closer to nature.

    Zoo greenpark Karelia Look
  • Sortavala city

    Sortavala is the only city in Karelia, where historical building is preserved.

    Sortavala city Look
  • Valaam Island

    The Valaam Island is the pearl of northern Russia, has been inspiring artists, poets and writers with its greatness and pristine beauty for centuries.

    Valaam Island Look
  • Snake Mountain

    The Snake Mountain is a beautiful rock,from which is observed a great view. The geologists that examined the snake mountain called it the open-air museum.

    Snake Mountain Look
  • Ahvenkoski waterfall

    Waterfalls of Ruskeala is a whole complex consisting of four waterfalls. The most famous of them is the waterfall Ahvenkoski.

    Ahvenkoski waterfall Look
  • Sorolansari Island

    The island of Sorolansari, where the small village of Sorola is situated with a bridge that links the mainland. On the east side of the island there is a small cave in the water cliff, called the Cave of Solomon.

    Sorolansari Island Look
  • The Owl Mountain

    The owl mountain is a reopened, military-historical object, one of the ten components of the South Karelia tourism-recreation cluster.

    The Owl Mountain Look
  • Coyonsaari Island

    Rest on the island of Coinsaari. What to see, where to walk, a description of nature and
    route walk around the island. Koyonsaari Island nature photo tips travelers.

    Coyonsaari Island Look
  • City Paaso

    Paaso Mound in Karelia | Surroundings of the Park Hotel Sorola

    City Paaso Look

How to reach us

№ 350 SPb (Ladoga Railway Station) - Lahdenpohja (Yakkima)
4 hours 32 minutes
St. Petersburg - Lahdenpohja
M. Devyatkino, the bus station "Severny" (Murino) 3 hours 56 minutes +7 (812) 242 89 09 550 M. Ozerki Shopping Center O'Key 3 hours 30 minutes +7 (911) 84317 22 600
By car
On a/d on Sortavala A-121
3 hours 30 minutes
Moscow - Lahdenpohja (Yakkima)
16 hours
By car through E105 / M-10 (there are toll roads) or via M-9
12-15 hours
Petrozavodsk - Lahdenpohja
Petrozavodsk Bus Station +7 (8142) 76 10 44 +7 (8142) 72 20 12 Lahdenpohja Bus Station +7 (814) 332 35 99 5 hours 660
By car through A-121
4-5 hours