• Anastasia Spiridonova

    Our stay was fantastic. Very peaceful place, the nature of Karelia is magnificent.About the cottage: was very pleased to stay in such comfortable, clean, equiped with all necessary things house. The level is 10 plus. Tanks to all the staff, we will come back definitely.

  • Nikita

    We are greatful to all the employees for our stay. i was the first time in Karelia and do not have enough words to describe my emotions and feelings. Sorola is a good example for our hospitality business. Ofcourse, in ths region there are similar hotels like Vishera, Akulovka, The point on the map, but these projects are more massive with bigger posibilities, your project is developing slowly and you can see the aspiration to build a good-quality hotel, orienting not on the mass, but on the individuals with care of its guests. It would be nice to put a playground for kids made of wood. We are going to come to you again on August for 15-20 days.

  • Alexey Valyshkov

    It was great, special thanks to Nikolay and all the menagers. Definitely will come again!

  • Ekaterina

    We visited hotel in the begining of February and stayed in the cottage 2+1. Comfortable and clean cottage. The staff is very welcoming and helpful. Defenitely, we coma back again here during the summer.

  • Yana

    We were celebrating New Year in the hotel from 31.12 to 03.01. Beautiful place with nice and cozy cottages, picturesque nature and very helpful and nce staff. We liked everything, epecially kids were very happy.

  • Igor

    We stayed in the park-hotel from 12 up to 15 January in the cottage 4+2. The nature is magnificent. We enjoyed everything. The staff is helpful and kind. Big thanks to Nikolay and Anna for everything. We are planning to come again during the summer. I recommended Sorola Village to all my friends.

  • Natalya

    We stayed in the Park hotel from 12 to 14 January 2018 in the cottage 6+2 and the cottage 4+2. All our company is very satisfied with the rest. Everything is at the highest level! We were looking for the place with high level of comfort and we found it! Very coze bedrooms, very comfortable with children. With great pleasure we will come back again, now we want to come during the summer season to enjoy the beauty of the nature =)

  • Anastasiya

    Clean, comfortable, cozy, there are no disadvantages, european comfort, beaty. Helpful staff. Nice people. We recommend to everyone.

  • Maksim

    Thank you for the organization of our stay! We were living in the cottage 6+2 from 30.12 up to 02.01, everything was at the highest level! We are grateful as well for the received gifts from the Park Hotel. From disadvantages I would like to mention the road to the hotel, which was not too "smooth". We found as well the driver, who couldn't find the place easily. That's why it would be great if the Park Hotel will organize the transfer. But this is not so important comparing the quality of the place itself!!!Thank you once again!

  • Rustem

    I was staying here with my son in July 2015. We lived in the Park Hotel in the cottage 2+1 for 3 days while making our tour around North-West of Russia. At that time the costruction works were going and there was noone except us living in the Park Hotel. Not all of the cottages were built yet. Because of this situation we were given a discount. The reception and the comfort were very good. We liked everything a lot. I am thinking to come back. It is so beautiful on the pictures!

  • Yaroslav Sidorenko

    Perfect place for family vacation.

  • Irina Levina

    We wanted to say thank you for the comfortable rest and cosiness that your team is creating. It is already not the first time that we are choosing this park-hotel for our stay in Karelia. We are continuing planning our new trips here.

  • Alexandr Andreev

    The place is very nice and picturesque, on the territory is located the pierce which leads straight to the lake, you can walk around to enjoy the village air. The cottage is equiped with everything necessary for the comfortable rest, the houses itself are designed in scandinavian style, they look really cool. The staff is always available, we couldn't connect to WiFi, the problem was solved fast. Because we had birthday celebration, we were offered 1 time kindling sauna as a present. One more thing, that I wanted to notice - in the cottage 2+1 is very pleasant bed linen. All in all, is very good place for the rest. We strongly advice!

  • Anna

    We decided to go to Karelia to celebrate the brthday of my husband. Despite the financial difficulties, the manager of the hotel offered us the most comfortable conditions. We were very happy to this fact. It was our first time in Sorola Village and we were nicely surprised by the design and by the comfort of the house. Everything was clean and cozy like at home!

  • Margarita Supryaga

    Thank you for the perfect rest, comfort and atmosphere of peace.

  • Vlad, Olga

    We stayed in the cottage 2+1 in the beggining of October 2017. Beautiful design, clean and cozy, big warm terrace with panoramic windows, good sauna, you can find everything for cooking and barbeque. Beautiful nature and peace. Next to the park-hotel there is a Snake Mountain from where the nice view is opening. Big thanks to Roman for a nice trip around Ladoga skerries. Welcoming staff.We liked everything!

  • Snezhana

    We stayed in the cottage 2+1 three of us. We liked a lot. For a baby we were given a cot.The cottage is clean and comfortable. The kitchen is nice. There you can find everything necessary: cookware, tableware. No need to bring from the house. Fantastic panoramic and warm terrace, where we were enjoying evening tea. The sauna is made with quality. From small minuses: the staircase to the beach is not completely done. But the construction works are in process, so we think soon everything will be finished. We didn't want to leave, we feel ourselves like at home. For sure we will come back to this beautiful place.

  • Yasuchenya Irina

    We stayed in the cottage 6+2 in February and in September. First time, we came with our parents and in September with our friends. Everyone was very happy. In this cottage you can find everything. Even there are such things like coffee beans, fumigator, tablets for dish-washer. The most important is the cleanliness of the territory. We have visited this place twice and we gonna come here again. Thanks to all employees!!! Big thanks to Anna!

  • Julia Dinmuhametova

    We stayed in the big cottage 6+2, we liked everything, the house is comfortable, we liked the barbeque area outside, near the house there are lake and forest, the air is fresh. We will come again!

  • Zaco

    The perfect place to forget about city chaos and grey week days. The quality/ the service/ the location = on the highest level!